Here is what our members have to say...

In the TV show, Norm had "Cheers"...we have Orchard Ridge. It's a place where we always feel welcome, and everyone knows our name! Golf happens to be our passion and we play frequently with friends all summer long. The course is wonderfully maintained, and the greens are the best in northern Indiana. But there is so much to do as well. We have friends from 8 to 88 at "The Ridge". When we want to be around "family", we attend one of the wonderful family events...the children's Halloween Party, the Easter Egg Hunt, bingo nights, or game days. There are also the annual Valentine Party and the special events to attend all year long for the adults too.  Anytime we want a nice evening out, we enjoy an elegant dinner at the club. We're actually planning our future retirement around life at the Ridge! We may choose to travel during the winter months, but our summers will be spent right here! 

~ Gary and Arlene

I have had many opportunities to bring customers, business associates, out-of-town family and friends to Orchard Ridge. Each of them have raved about the course, the friendly staff and outstanding service. The organized golf events for ladies, men and couples are a great way to meet a lot of members in a very short period of time, plus they are a lot of fun. The caddie program is second to none. Not only do you meet some of the most enjoyable and interesting young men and women, you will find a new level of enjoyment playing golf.

When we moved to Fort Wayne about seven years ago, we knew no one. I had just begun to play golf. After a couple of years checking out other clubs in the area, we decided on Orchard Ridge. We couldn't be more pleased with our choice. From the very beginning the people were friendlier, the course was prettier, and the staff was more considerate and accomodating that anywhere else we had considered. I can' say enough about the Ladies' Golf League. Because of the women involved, I have come to love the sport. No matter what your level of play, they are all supportive and encouraging and there to cheer you on as you continue to play and improve. We love welcoming new lady golfers, so if you have ever thought of playing, this is the ideal place to begin.

~Leo and Weezie

We have been members for two years, and we each have our favorite things about Orchard Ridge. Myah, our 4-year old, loves Sunday Brunch at the "Crunchley Club". She is also a huge fan of the pool in the summer. Our one-year-old Grant loves the exercise room (that's were we take him when he starts screaming during Brunch). Janelle wants to play more golf when the kids are both old enough to do Kidz on the Ridge, and in the meantime her favorite things to do at the Club are to take the kids to the pool and hit balls at the driving range. She also enjoyed working with staff members while planning her company's golf outing at Orchard Ridge last summer. My favorite thing about Orchard Ridge? That's easy. The golf course. I'm not the greatest golfer, but Eric, our Director of Golf, is helping me out with that. If it were up to me I would be on the course every day. The club has been a great place to bring clients and prospects for lunch and a round of golf, but my favorite rounds have been played with other members. This summer Janelle and I want to make it to a few 9 and Dine events. They sound like a lot of fun, and we look forward to meeting other members.

~Matt and Janelle

We joined the Ridge in 1975 when our older children were four and eight. Our youngest daughter arrived twelve years later, when the first two were 16 and 20, so we have a lot of wonderful family memories at Orchard Ridge. What stands out is all the fun our family had playing golf together. I remember cheering on the Swim, Dive and Prep Team as well as celebrating holidays at the Ridge. Orchard Ridge throws great parties, especially the Fourth of July with the fireworks over the golf course. What a warm, family-friendly place! We held our oldest daughter's wedding at The Ridge and it was beautiful. Of all the events, parties and activities at The Ridge, Tom has most enjoyed all the many friendships he has made along the way. The best times for him are playing the spectacular course with family and friends. Now that the kids are finally grown, we are still living life on the Ridge. Gerry is a very active with the Ladies Golf League and serves as treasurer. She regularly plays Mah Jongg and is a member of Ridge Readers book club. She feels very fortunate to have made friends with a great group of women!

~Tom and Gerry