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Rich in History and a Tradition of Excellence

Orchard Ridge Country Club was founded in 1924, and in 1925 the club leased 115 acres of land on which the current golf course and clubhouse now stand. Many improvements have been made over the years, but the spirit of the original founding members still remains.

The following are some of the highlights of the rich history of Orchard Ridge:

  • In 1925, the Orchard Ridge golf course consisted of 9 holes. By 1929, it was an 18-hole course, designed by Frank MacDonald. The course was redesigned in 1990 by Arthur Hills.
  • In 1936, clay tennis courts were built at Orchard Ridge. The present courts were completed in 1975.
  • The first LPGA Championship was held at Orchard Ridge Country Club in 1955.
  • The clubhouse has undergone many renovations over the years, and was completely redesigned in 1994.