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Caddie Program

Walking with a caddie is the ultimate way to enjoy our fantastic course!

Orchard Ridge Evans Scholars

The Orchard Ridge Country Club has a storied caddie program. The club's affiliation with the Western Golf Association, which administers the Evans Scholarship, has been strong for over 50 years. Renowned amateur golfer Chick Evans established this scholarship for deserving caddies who otherwise may not be able to attend college. ORCC members support this scholarship through donations to the Par Club. Our club consistently ranks in the top 5 clubs in Indiana for financial support to the Evans Scholarship. ORCC has produced nearly 80 young men and women who have received this prestigious scholarship. ORCC caddies not only have this awesome scholarship opportunity, but also are provided a tremendous environment to grow and mature through the caddie experience. Our members have always and will continue to support and take caddies.