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Course Overview

Orchard Ridge is a beautiful, mature golf course built in 1924 which places a premium on shot-making. Tree-lined fairways, strategic bunkering, and four lakes must all be accounted for while avoiding rough and natural areas. The gently rolling terrain makes accuracy a premium over distance.

The relatively small and fast greens require precise shots to score well, although the course is not so difficult as to punish players of lesser skill levels or anyone hitting an errant shot. You could play an enjoyable, challenging layout every day and not tire of it.

We have meticulously maintained greens and beautiful fairways, a complete practice facility with target greens and a chipping/bunker area, adult and youth instruction programs for any skill level, an active schedule of member events and tournaments, and a full-service Golf Shop with a wide range of equipment and apparel Professional club-fitting.

Hole One | Par 4

The key at Hole 1 is to place the ball at the fairway off the tee. Most players will elect to hit the driver, although some of our longer hitters will choose less than the driver. The second shot plays uphill to a large green where members must be sure to note the pin location to give them the best chance at scoring a par.
Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 370 | Handicap: 17 

Black/Blue: Yards:  370 | Handicap: 17 

Blue: Yards: 360 | Handicap: 17

Blue/Green: Yards: 360 | Handicap: 17 

Green: Yards: 333 | Handicap: 17

Red: Yards: 314 | Handicap: 7

Hole Two | Par 4

With a # 1 handicap, Hole 2 is the toughest hole on the golf course. The key on Hole 2 is to keep the ball on the fairway at all costs, which makes the hole much more manageable.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 425 | Handicap: 1

Black/Blue: Yards:  414 | Handicap: 1

Blue: Yards: 414 | Handicap: 1

Blue/Green: Yards: 350 | Handicap: 1

Green: Yards: 350 | Handicap: 1

Red: Yards: 346 | Handicap: 5

Hole Three | Par 5

Hole 3 provides a great scoring chance early in the round. The green is protected by a front right green side bunker, making any balls landing right at the green a difficult up and down.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 536 | Handicap: 7

Black/Blue: Yards:  504 | Handicap: 7

Blue: Yards: 504 | Handicap: 7

Blue/Green: Yards: 462 | Handicap: 7

Green: Yards: 462 | Handicap: 7

Red: Yards: 428 | Handicap: 3

Hole Four | Par 4

A short par 4, Hole 4 does not require a driver. Once you navigate the tee shot properly the only challenges remaining are the three green side bunkers that players must carry, the green slopes vary significantly from back to front so keep the ball below the hole.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 357 | Handicap: 9

Black/Blue: Yards:  357 | Handicap: 9

Blue: Yards: 337 | Handicap: 9

Blue/Green: Yards: 337 | Handicap: 9

Green: Yards: 315 | Handicap: 9

Red: Yards: 235 | Handicap: 13

Hole Five | Par 4

This hole requires a great tee shot, it is one of the holes at ORCC where you have to commit to hitting a good drive. The fairway bunker is 240 yards from the blue tee markers, which provides a great aiming point.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 417 | Handicap: 3

Black/Blue: Yards:  390

Blue: Yards: 390 | Handicap: 3

Blue/Green: Yards: 344

Green: Yards: 344 | Handicap: 3

Red: Yards: 293 | Handicap: 9

Hole Six | Par 3

Hole 6 is the first par 3 on the golf course. There are 2 challenges to this hole; the green side bunker is short and on the right and a grass bunker is on the left-hand side. There is no easy two-put on this green as this green moves heavily left to right and then also slopes away from you in the back right quadrant. Make sure to pin position for your best chance to score at Hole 6. 

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 200 | Handicap: 13

Black/Blue: Yards:  200 | Handicap: 13

Blue: Yards: 189 | Handicap: 13

Blue/Green: Yards: 171 | Handicap: 13

Green: Yards: 171 | Handicap: 13

Red: Yards: 134 | Handicap: 17

Hole Seven | Par 5

This is the toughest hole on the golf course for our red tee markers. Keeping the ball in the fairway on Hole 7 is the key to success!

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 548 | Handicap: 5

Black/Blue: Yards: 548 | Handicap: 5

Blue: Yards: 522 | Handicap: 5

Blue/Green: Yards: 469 | Handicap: 5

Green: Yards: 469 | Handicap: 5

Red: Yards: 463 | Handicap: 1

Hole Eight | Par 4

Hole 8 is a favorite among many members because of the risk reward challenge  it presents. Longer hitters can pull driver and challenge the green, potentially looking for an eagle. While other players elect to lay back short of the bunkers, securing a nice par.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 310 | Handicap: 11

Black/Blue: Yards: 300| Handicap: 11

Blue: Yards: 300 | Handicap: 11

Blue/Green: Yards: 300 | Handicap: 11

Green: Yards: 285 | Handicap: 11

Red: Yards: 276 | Handicap: 11

Hole Nine | Par 3

The key on Hole 9 is to navigate the bunkers, the hole plays about two clubs uphill. Make sure to pull enough club for Hole 9!

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 161 | Handicap: 15

Black/Blue: Yards: 161 | Handicap: 15

Blue: Yards: 150 | Handicap: 15

Blue/Green: Yards: 150 | Handicap: 15

Green: Yards: 132 | Handicap: 15

Red: Yards: 105 | Handicap: 15

Hole Ten | Par 5

There are no secrets to Hole 10, the player needs to hit three quality golf shots to hit the green in regulation.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 578 | Handicap: 4

Black/Blue: Yards: 578 | Handicap: 4

Blue: Yards: 566 | Handicap: 4

Blue/Green: Yards: 490 | Handicap: 4

Green: Yards: 490 | Handicap: 4

Red: Yards: 443 | Handicap: 2

Hole Eleven | Par 3

The key at Hole 11 is to carry the front bunker. We recommend hitting the ball to the center to the back left portion of the green.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 185 | Handicap: 14

Black/Blue: Yards: 168 | Handicap: 14

Blue: Yards: 168 | Handicap: 14

Blue/Green: Yards: 168 | Handicap: 14

Green: Yards: 139 | Handicap: 14

Red: Yards: 125 | Handicap: 18

Hole Twelve | Par 5

Our final par 5 is Hole 12. The premium would be to put the ball in the left portion of the fairway. If you find the fairway, it would allow you one last great-scoring chance in your round.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 558 | Handicap: 2

Black/Blue: Yards: 539 | Handicap: 2

Blue: Yards: 539 | Handicap: 2

Blue/Green: Yards: 472 | Handicap: 2

Green: Yards: 472 | Handicap: 2

Red: Yards: 423 | Handicap: 4

Hole Thirteen | Par 4

One of ORCC’S toughest tee shots on the golf course, Hole 13 forces you to pick a line and commit to it.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 404 | Handicap: 6

Black/Blue: Yards: 392 | Handicap: 6

Blue: Yards: 392 | Handicap: 6

Blue/Green: Yards: 338 | Handicap: 6

Green: Yards: 338 | Handicap: 6

Red: Yards: 336 | Handicap: 8

Hole Fourteen | Par 4

The tee shot is framed beautifully by four fairway bunkers on the right with a pond on the left. Most players will elect to lay back short of the bunkers while some of our longer members will hit their tee shots over the pond, leaving them a short wedge into the green.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 403 | Handicap: 10

Black/Blue: Yards: 403 | Handicap: 10

Blue: Yards: 359 | Handicap: 10

Blue/Green: Yards: 359 | Handicap: 10

Green: Yards: 344 | Handicap: 10

Red: Yards: 319 | Handicap: 10

Hole Fifteen | Par 3

Hole 15 plays one club downhill, but do not let that fool you! Make sure to carry the front bunker on the right, as any shots arrantly struck will be collected.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 195 | Handicap: 16

Black/Blue: Yards: 175 | Handicap: 16

Blue: Yards: 175 | Handicap: 16

Blue/Green: Yards: 175 | Handicap: 16

Green: Yards: 159 | Handicap: 16

Red: Yards: 133 | Handicap: 14

Hole Sixteen | Par 4

The tee shot is framed beautifully by mounding up the right-hand side and large trees on the left. Players must find the right-hand side of this fairway to provide a clean look of the green.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 408 | Handicap: 8

Black/Blue: Yards: 394 | Handicap: 8

Blue: Yards: 394 | Handicap: 8

Blue/Green: Yards: 327 | Handicap: 8

Green: Yards: 327 | Handicap: 8

Red: Yards: 308 | Handicap: 12

Hole Seventeen | Par 3

This is ORCC’S signature hole. The 17th hole does play quite a bit down hill, so please be aware of that when you are selecting your club.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 171| Handicap: 18

Black/Blue: Yards: 171 | Handicap: 18

Blue: Yards: 150 | Handicap: 18

Blue/Green: Yards: 150 | Handicap: 18

Green: Yards: 105 | Handicap: 18

Red: Yards: 87 | Handicap: 16

Hole Eighteen | Par 4

The fairway on hole 18 is easier to manage thanks to a slope that collects balls into the bottom of it. If players can avoid the grass bunker on the right-hand side, they will be left with the decision to make whether or not they challenge a flag on the left-hand side of the green or they play safe and end the round with a quality par.

Yardage & Handicap

Black: Yards: 378 | Handicap: 12

Black/Blue: Yards: 378 | Handicap: 12

Blue: Yards: 345 | Handicap: 12

Blue/Green: Yards: 345 | Handicap: 12

Green: Yards: 310 | Handicap: 12

Red: Yards: 280 | Handicap: 6


Our practice facility with 15 tee stations and five target greens gives golfers a chance to hone their skills. Balls are provided by the Golf Shop and included in your golfing membership. Our bunker practice area is a great way to fine tune your short game and our putting facility will prepare you for our challenging hole placements on course.


Men's Golf Association

The MGA provides entry into 11 tournaments including the Club Championship. This is a great way to meet new people and play in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The MGA is continually working to make the formats fun and exciting for all skill levels and our Seniors have the ability to participate and play from our green tees.

Women's Golf Association

The Women’s Golf Association offers something for every level of golfer. You are sure to find somewhere to belong whether you’re a future pro, just want to have fun, or have never picked up a golf club. League days are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, followed by lunch. There is also an Evening League on Wednesdays.

Junior Golf

The Orchard Ridge Junior Golf Program is a great way to involve your child or grandchild in the life-long game of golf. Our well-designed Junior Golf Program exposes children to the positive values golfing situations provide.

The Junior Golf Clinic is heavy on the FUNdamentals of the game. The program is designed as an introduction to the wonderful game of a lifetime and emphasizes not only how to play the game but the importance of lasting values like honesty and integrity.

Junior Golf League

The Junior Golf League is designed to continue children’s advancement in golf, specifically for children who want to try out for their school team or are interested in playing competitive golf. Where the regular Junior Program is more based on fundamentals, the Junior League is based more on playing the game and developing proper practice habits.  The Junior League is designed for players of known ability and is not a beginner’s class. Check with our golf shop staff for details and availability.

Couples Events

Monthly throughout the golf season we offer Nine and Dine. These are some of our most attended events. All skill levels are welcome and different games are played throughout the year. We always have a fun theme planned with dinner following golf.

Lessons & Clinics

Whether you are new to golf and want to learn the game or a seasoned golfer looking to sharpen your skills, look no further than the professional staff here at Orchard Ridge! Our golf pro staff is well-experienced in teaching golfers of all skill levels. Individual or group lessons are available on the driving range, the bunker, short range, the putting green, or on the golf course!

Contact our golf staff at the Golf Shop: 260-747-0115

Packages and group rates are available. Call for details.

Golf Shop

The Orchard Ridge Golf Shop is open year-round. We offer a wide range of the latest equipment and men’s and women’s apparel for golf and everyday wear. The handsome shop has won numerous awards for its merchandise’s quality, variety, and display. Orchard Ridge has accounts with most golf vendors. Even if we don’t have what you are looking for on the sales floor, chances are we can order it for you. We think you’ll find that no one can compete with our prices for the latest merchandise.

Thinking about a new set of clubs? Why not stop in and demo clubs from Titleist, Callaway, and Ping. Not hitting the ball as well as you would like? Let our golf shop staff give you a personal club fitting. They would happily schedule a private lesson and enjoy sharing your successes!

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At Orchard Ridge Country Club, there are a variety of membership levels to suit your particular interests. Whether it be Golf, Social, or Corporate Social Dining, ORCC has a membership for you. Read below to learn more about each of these options and discover all that the club has to offer.